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Chi Sao day

02/01/2018 08:14
We are hosting a Chi Sao day for all members on Sunday the 28th of January from 2pm - 5pm

Wing Chun day

21/02/2017 07:43
On the 22nd of April we will be hosting a day of Wing Chun..From 10am we will have an informal meet and greet and friendly exchange of concepts and ideas.. After that there will be a full workshop hosted by sifu Brian Desir.Contact me for details


19/12/2016 14:58

KIds classes

14/11/2016 07:56
Kids classes will be starting January 2017.. Using the wing chun syllabus we will be teaching kung fu to kids aged 6 - 12 in a fun and dynamic way

Kids classes

18/08/2016 11:44

Fighting Fit

23/12/2015 12:45
We will be starting our "Fighting Fit" programme in 2016.. This will include changing the format of classes as I have mentioned before, and also we will start the transition into becoming more of a gym that teaches Sifu Desir's Wing Chun system.. I will be looking into opening up other classes on...

Bong sao - tan sao..

17/11/2015 13:41
Bong sao - tan sao..literally joined at the hip.The relationship between bong and tan movements is inseparable,in that they are key to each other. Each exist in unity with the other, this itdown to the axis of rotation for each movement and the shape they both share.Just by rotating the wrist in...

Classes & training

03/11/2015 12:10
I have to say, I'm very happy with how the classes are going.. My guys are showing a good standard which in turn is pushing me to train harder myself.. My personal goal is to improve my chi sao, improve my forms and get fitter.

New format for 2016

26/10/2015 10:08
We will adjust our class format slightly for next year.. The 7 - 8 session will be a free practice session where the student can develop and practice freely. Students will be free to work on anything they wish to, under my guidance of course.. The 8 - 9 and 9 - 10 sessions will merge into...
Our next available date for a Saturday get together will be the 7th of November.. I would like to dedicate this session to chi sao development, if anyone has any other requests for the day please ask. The turn out for these Saturday training sessions has at best been poor. These were put on by...
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