Courses and Workshops

Women's Self Protection (levels 1 - 5)

Self protection is a generic term for a way of thinking about personal safety. It differs from self defence in that it has a greater focus on understanding how you react under duress, and identifying potential threats before they develop.

Conflict Management

Using an understanding of the human condition we teach you how best to diffuse a potential conflict. Through role playing and scenario work we will look into the aspects of arising conflict and work with the tools we all posses to diffuse the situation.

Urban Defence

Taking the self protection module and applying it in a full street combat mode. This course works with pressure testing and takes the tools you already have (everyone has them) to develop your own street survival kit.

Workshop Cost

A 4 hour workshop with a minimum 4 attendees @ £40 per person 

Cancellation policy : 72hrs notice is required if you wish to cancel or reschedule a workshop.



Farnborough Wing Chun Aldershot garrison sports centre, GU11 2LQ 07920 725330