PT - Private tuition - Mobile PT

We offer regular classes in tradition Ip Man wing chun. We can also offer you, private tuition & a personal training programme to suit your individual needs. A tailored service and mobile personal training is available for those with busy lives or for those who would prefer to train in the comfort of their own homes.

Training programmes would be individually assesed after an initial consultation of what your needs and goals are. After which a personalised programme will be designed specifically for you to work on at home (a weekly follow up session is advised to help you maintain progress towards your goals). Price for a personal training programme is as follows: Initial consultation and assesment £20, Personalised training programme £40, follow up sessions £30 per session.

One to one tuition on all aspects of Wing Chun kung fu is availble upon request. Price is £35 per hour for an individual student (minus any traveling costs if outside 5 mile radius of Farnborough base)