Courses and workshops


"I am passionate about the individual and helping them reach their full potential. Over the many years I have spent involved in martial arts, strength and conditioning training, teaching self defence and generally helping people grow. I have worked on, and pride myself in the knowledge that I trully believe I can teach (and help) anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. Everyone recieves, processes and acts on information differently. It is this that drives my teaching style to be wholly specific to the individual. Whether it is learning traditional kung fu, self defence, personal training to assist in weight loss, fitness training.. everyone has within them the ability to achieve. It is my job to help them unlock thier potential and grow".

Sifu Dave Fenton


Kung Fu in its entirity, has many life enhancing properties. From stregthening you body and mind, to easing pain and releasing stress. Kung Fu is an all encomapsing life afirming skill.

Kung Fu, literally tranlates to "a skill aquired through dedication" and it is that dedication that enhances life itself.

I can offer through workshops and private tuition a variety of sessions that can be tailored to suit an individual or groups specific requirements.

Available workshops

Womens self protection (levels 1 - 5)

Self protection is a generic term for a way of thinking about personal safety. It differs from self defence in that it has a greater focus on understanding how you react under duress, and identifying potential threats before they develop.

Conflict managment

Using an understanding of the human condition we teach you how best to diffuse a potential conflict. Through role playing and scenario work we will look into the aspects of arrising conflict and work with the tools we all posess to diffuse the situation.

Urban defence

Taking the self protection module and applying it in a full street combat mode. This course works with pressure testing and takes the tools you already have (everyone has them) to develop your own street survival kit.


Chinese Boxing

Chinese boxing is a generic term for sport fighting using a Chinese art as its base. With us this is obviously Wing Chun, but we adapt to make it effective in a sport fight context.